Managing Law Firms in Transition

Managing Law Firms in Transition

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Five Key Metrics for Grading Your Law Firm’s Annual Performance

Posted in Law Firm Leadership, Law Firm Repositioning/Turnaround/Restructuring, Law Firm Transition, Law Firm Warning Signs
A law firm report card is a good thing.  Much like a child’s school report card telling a parent how school is going, a law firm report card can inform firm leadership about its progress, shortfalls, and areas that need improvement.  In these days of industry disruption and heightened competition, periodic assessments can give a… Continue Reading

Merger As A Solution for the Underperforming Law Firm

Posted in Law Firm Crisis, Law Firm Leadership, Law Firm Merger, Law Firm Repositioning/Turnaround/Restructuring
  As we approach the close of another year, a number of law firms are finding themselves underperforming relative to peer firms. For some, it is deja vu…for the second, third or fourth consecutive year. You don’t need anyone to tell you that this is not a great way to venture into a new year.… Continue Reading