These are exceptional times for all of law firms. Staying safe and assuring good health is of paramount concern.  But for all but a few firms, these times also will test leadership as it seeks firm stability in uncharted waters.

In crisis,  leadership must  be seen and heard,  manage cash flow/liquidity prudently, and confront tough personnel decisions. The soon to be passed stimulus bill could be  of substantial value to  law firms fighting to survive.

For the last 15 years, our firm has served law firms in transition, in many cases firms facing crisis. In a series of perspectives to be published until normalcy returns, we will share our experience, provide guidance and give direction.

Our series  will address:

  • Leading a Law Firm During Crisis
  • Managing Law Firm Liquidity
  • Communicating During Crisis
  • The 2020 Stimulus Package and its Role in Law Firm Survival

Our insights will be  available widely, including through our blogsite, website, Twitter and Linkedin. You can guarantee receipt of the series  by registering here.

If our perspectives stimulate your thinking further or raise questions, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free 30 minute conversation at either:

Roger Hayse – Rhayse@HayseLLC.Com or

Andrew Jillson – Ajillson@HayseLLC.Com

Stay safe!