One bad apple spoils the whole bunch. Various


Seth Godin (who you might consider following if you don’t already) had a great and very short post recently.

The essence of the post, translated to law firm business, is:

You must routinely and relentlessly monitor the quality of the individuals that comprise your law firm.

Just as the old fish will eventually have negative impact on business at the fish market, a few stale or stagnant individuals can drag a firm down. Anyone identified as not reflecting the attributes appropriate for building (strengthening) your firm and its brand —  internally and externally —  must be converted or removed.

This process should not be inhumane or reactionary. Successful law firms communicate who and what they are to all concerned, on a daily basis.

We’re not suggesting this is easy. It is not. It is critical that hiring mistakes be dealt with promptly. Personnel (lawyer or non-lawyer) who drift from firm standards deserve an opportunity for corrective change; in the absence of that change,  they have to leave.

Any other approach threatens the future of all.

Does your firm let rotten fish spoil the lot?