We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.”

John F. Kennedy

Believing one has something to contribute to a conversation requires a measurable degree of nerve. To aspire to actually instigate on-going dialogue is downright presumptuous.

Yet, a few months ago that was the goal as we launched this blog.

Truthfully, we did not expect to enjoy it as much as we have. And we have you to thank for that.

We began with believing that there are few conversations more critical to our industry today than those focusing on managing a law firm (or an individual practice) in transition. We believe a handful of principles and practices make it possible to emerge from even the most disruptive market poised for stability. That’s why we invest time here each week.

We haven’t reached the success level of Seth Godin’s blog and its 4 million readers, but we feel great about and thank the readers from  five of the seven continents  that we have connected with. (Apparently the people in Antarctica and Africa are not wrestling with law firm transition.)

Thank you to the readers in 49 states that have read or commented on our blog.  We are still trying to find a way to connect with those interested in law firm transition issues in Hawaii.

We will continue to examine issues and deliver ideas and perspectives on how law firms address the high-consequence change of today’s market.

As it was a few months ago, the goal is to instigate conversations. And to that end, we welcome your input related to issues you would like us to address.

Thank you for joining in.

Roger Hayse and Andy Jillson